Our media program gets a lot of help from the community. How's about we help out our community now? There's different things we could do to help and I think the class next year should start lending a hand to everyone.

This could be a great oppurtunity for the media students to both bond and give back what the community has given us. Next years class should set up some sort of community service once every quarter. The amount of time and energy you put into it should count as a grade also. It could be very interesting to see out students doing a food drive or a fundraiser for cancer or something.

I'm not very familiar with community service but a simple food drive is a smart thing to start off with. We could do it like the leadership students do it. Send boxes out to advisories and the class with the most canned goods gets a pizza party or ice cream party. We could even go out on day to some beaches and do a simple beach clean up.

Getting more involved in the community can be beneficial to us and the community. I think it's an absolutely great idea to do this. People would respect us more and be more happy about helping us get to the Student Television Network Convention.

The students might get a little stressed at the amount of work, but hey that's what you signed up for! It's kind of like a taste of what life ahead of you will be. Even though I'll be leaving media, maybe I can come back and help out once and a while. Community Service here we come!


It's already the middle of 4th Quarter! Everyone should be busting their behinds to get their projects done. My project isn't looking too good and I'm not sure I'll be able to finish this documentary of Breakfast club. I've already started a script to do a commercial instead. I think I'm going to have to finish the documentary during the summer. I have a lot going on and it seems a little more difficult now that I've gotten another concussion and have post concussion syndrome. Less stress like a commercial would be better for me instead of a big project that I'd be doing on my own. Wish me luck!


Who knew that there could be a bad moment at STN?! Haha well there can be, but not very many. The worst part about the trip was mostly the walking, the stress in competition, and when we just couldn't think of an idea. What about the good moments, well I think It has to be when the CKTV gets some bonding done, when we are at theme parks, and when we would find ono places to eat in Disney World.

No one I know would enjoy the amount that we walk almost everyday. It was good excersize but when you're constantly on your feet in the 2 weeks we're in Florida it can start to get unconfortable. But with all walking it can take us to good places to eat food. If you don't know the bond between me and food then you must not know much about me. Walking on this trip has a weird way of making me happy.

During this trip the CKTV Ohana has learned a lot about each other. We've learned our likes and dislikes, and it helped us who get more done so that we could use our strengths and weaknesses. During competitions like ours which was Music Video, I was basically doing everything because my strength is directing and being the camera person. Everyone elses strength was to act and so that is what they did. But it also set ud apart from other classmates. Some of us can get irritated or can get along really well with other people in the Ohana.

What about the Theme Parks! Those were really fun don't you think? Most of the students enjoyed the time that we had at theme parks so that they could hang out with who they want or make friends with people who they haven't been hanging out with. It relieves the stress of competition. We only have a short amount of time to shoot our b-roll or interviews and then edit. It can get stressful as your time length begins to shorten. Taking us the Theme Parks helps relieve stress. Screaming can just let it all out.

I really miss the Student Television Network Convention. This years Convention was probably the best one yet. With all of these ups and downs we could have a negative and positive show. Well, I hope everyone enjoyed the trip as did I. Hopefully I can go again soon!


Chiefess Kamakahelei Middle School's Media Production Class or CKTV is one big Ohana or family. This is my third year in media and throughout the years I have made many close friends. Everyone in the media class is in the CKTV Ohana. We end up spending so much time together that we could call a second family. 

CKTV travels, when we travel no one wants to deal with fighting or differences . That's why we are the CKTV Ohana, we will set aside all differences so that we can succeed. We stick together so that we can help each other out and carry on with the things we need to do.

Hopefully through all off these years the CKTV Ohana will stick together and still produce quality work with Mr.Matsunaga.


I really miss the STN Convention. We learned a lot whether it was life lessons or media lessons. All together the class has learned things about each other and all of our weaknesses and strengths. Now we can all help each other out with our weaknesses and then use our strengths to help others who have weaknesses that are your strengths. I've learned about what I need to work on in Media, I've learned about my patience level, I've even learned about my Leadership skills.

I think that most of our students have benefited by sitting in and listening to the speakers at our break out sessions. We learned about proper interviewing techniques, how to get good b-roll shots, or even simply why or why not you should do certain things in shots. Some of our new-commers learned some valuable things from even the simplest breakout sessions. Even being a 3 year student i learned more about framing better interviews. I enjoy learning things in break our sessions even though I've maybe already learned it the year before.

During this trip I've been extremely patient and sometimes I've lost it. Now I know what pushes my limits and makes me angry. It'll keep me from getting really mad in the future. Even the simplest things like patience is tested at the Convention. It will teach you how to use your time wisely and it will also teach you how your limits will be pushed. Perhaps now I can keep myself away from situations that can cause me lash out.

STN teaches you a lot of things as you can tell. Another thing that the STN Convention has taught me during this past trip and through all the others are my strengths and weaknesses. Going through the competitions cause me to see what I need to work on such as creating more of a story while making a music video. My strengths are taking pictures and b-roll. It helps to know what I'm already doing good on and the things I need help with. Other students can help me with my weaknesses and I can help them with my strengths to fix their weaknesses. It's team work and it actually really works.

Maybe I'll get to go back soon. But for now I'll tresure all the moments with my classmates there. I hope everyone continues to have a great learning experience there.


It's already the 4th Quarter in my 8th grade year! I'll be in high school before I know it. Well, I better make the most of this last project. I'm doing a documentary on The Breakfast Club or Breakfast Learship Training (BLT). I was asked along with Jaykob Naka'ahiki-Young to be the pilots of Chiefess' very own Breakfast Club. I of course accepted to be a part of this rare opportunity. Now we are bringing in people who need help whether it's with drugs or family or anything and we're trying to all become friends and make a difference in the school and even world. So I decided I'd like to document this because it could end up being really successful. I think it's starting to turn out to be a really good story with all the emotional parts and humorous parts. I hope all goes well. Good luck on your projects everyone!


I'm still missing the STN Convention. I always wake up thinking that my roommates are still next to me. I'll really miss going with the CKTV Ohana. I hope everyone in the next years have a blast. But you'll need some advice.

First off, if you are in editor in your competition or Sweet Sixteen remember never to panic. When you panic your work quality isn't as good and it causes others to panic because YOU'RE the editor. If somethings wrong and you panic, then everyone else will panic. So stay calm and keep working hard to make the deadline. Don't fool around and stay focused. If you stay focused and try hard you can result in terrific work and have it turned in on time. That is key!

Another piece of advice is to sit down with your group members and plan out everything. Don't just think of a news story or song and go out and shoot it like a chicken without a head. Take at least 15 to sit down and discuss the things that you need and how you'll find it. No planning could end up with a messy final product, and you don't want that do you? I've learned those kinds of things the hard way. Be smart and plan things out.

A final piece of advice for you would be to always use teamwork. Even if you don't have a lot in common with people or you don't get along with them you need to try and work things out so that you can get your work done. Fighting and drama will cause time wasting. Time is precious especially at the Convention and you don't want to be wasting it. Another thing that could happen is you have one idea that you think is good and another teammate has another idea that they think is good. Instead of arguing and going separate ways to film your b-roll and story why not put them together and compromise. It's simple things like that that will help you succeed.

I've been in media for 3 years. I've learned a lot through the years. As you progress in media you'll learn lessons about media and life. Media will change your life as it has changed mine. So listen and pay attention and try hard and you shall succeed. Congrats to everyone who one a competition at STN 2014. Hope whoever goes back can bring home some trophies next year!


Sorry this is super late!

Today was our last day in Florida. We went to Disney World's Magic Kingdom. It was really fun there. We rode lots of roller coasters and got to enjoy each others company on the last day there and my last STN trip with them. We got to ride roller coasters like Magic Mountain and Splash Mountain. I finally got to eat a turkey leg there as well! I enjoyed our last day there. I'm going to miss having our adventures and laughs together. We learned a lot. Whether it was about media or life lessons or who is the best driver. It was a fun last year at STN with the CKTV Ohana. We have to wake up really early tomorrow and hop on the plane to go home. I'm going to miss STN!


Whoop whoop Closing Ceremony day! I went in there not expecting to win anything but came out with a huge smile knowing that we placed 2nd in our Middle School Music Video Competition. We were almost the last group to be announced so it really made us nervous. Kelli and I jumped up and were surprised that we made it. I don't think it was our best work and I'm pretty sure we could've done better but I'm glad that we somehow made it. We didn't mess around and tried hard to get the things we needed done. The thing is, we didn't know the area very well so I was always roaming around trying to look for a good place to shoot b-roll. That set us back a little and I think that if we had known the place a little better we would've had a better chance of winning 1st place. I'm still proud of my team though and I hope they are too. Hopefully now they know the stress of being in a convention with about 2,300 other students trying to be the best.


Breakout Sessions the whole day? Sure! All day we went to different Breakout sessions with different people and topics each 45 minutes. Breakout sessions are made to help continue our learning whether it's in anchoring, quality of shots, interview techniques, or even just to watch and critique videos that students have made. In our first session I decided to go to a session that was about News and how you need to be careful of what you are shooting. We got to see "raw" footage of a disaster that left firemen and camera persons in shock for a while. It was sad and was described to be even sadder than 9/11 which I personally don't agree with. But I think the Breakout sessions helped us a lot. Even though I'll be leaving this media class I hope to continue media in the future if I get the chance. STN helps high school and middle school students improve. I appreciate it because many students have grown from just experiencing the competitions. Can't wait for Closing Ceremony tomorrow!

I'm sorry for posting this late.